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It was recently found that all of the JSON strings used for Uptick Tickets were representing numbers as hexadecimal values. These are malformed json strings and work is under way to correct the issue. The plan is to make a sketch that will search for the malformed json strings and correct them and update the EEPROM on the Ticket. If you need specific details contact

Ticket ID Format

Data format of I2C EEPROM which stores Ticket Maker, Version, and Configuration.

Byte numberDescriptionExample
8Short SHA of JSON Header stored as ASCII stringde9f2c74
200*JSON Header, null terminated and padded{“org”:“”,“cn”:“Drive Ticket”,“rev”:“A”, …}
48User DataUser Defined

* max, null padded

Required Fields
org, cn, rev
Protected Fields
io, label


Base Format

{"org":"","cn":"Drive Ticket","rev":"1.0",...}

ISO Ticket

48828561{"org":"","cn":"ISO Common Cathode Ticket","rev":"A","io":31}
7f134a21{"org":"","cn":"ISO Common Anode Ticket","rev":"A","io":31}

Drive Ticket

63fe830a{"org":"","cn":"Super Sink Drive Ticket","rev":"A","io":0}

Full Example

{“org”:“Prolinear/Pontech Inc.”,“cn”:“Drive Ticket”,“rev”:1.0,“email”:“”,“io”:0x00,“label”:[“step”,“dir”,“en”,“sleep”,“ms3”]}

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