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UTC-SD101: Serial Driver for UpTick Com Ticket


The Serial Drive Kard™ has three half-duplex RS-485 level shifters.

Port to Rail Pin Map

PIC32 PinRail Pin on UpTick240User ConnectionchipKIT Abstraction
U1BTX,U1BRXRS-485-RxTx +/- RS-422-Rx A/BJ1 1-GND, 2-B+, 3-A-Serial1
U3ATX,U3ARXRS-485-RxTx +/- RS-422-Tx Y/ZJ2 1-GND, 2-B+, 3-A-Serial2
U3BTX,U3BRXRS-485-RxTx +/- RS-232-RxTxJ3 1-GND, 2-B+, 3-A-Serial3
U1ARXSerial 1 Tx EnableN/CGPIO 0 (Serial0 Rx)
U1ATXSerial 2 Tx EnableN/CGPIO 1 (Serial0 Tx)
CCGPIOSerial 3 Tx EnableN/CGPIO 71
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