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*** WARNING ***

You must power the rails that have this Kard installed with +24V before applying USB power, if you apply USB and +24V at the same time or USB power first you risk blowing this Kard. This is due to SPI of the L6472 not working properly without high voltage applied to the chip.

*** WARNING ***

SPI Stepper Kard PCB Schematic Rev X3

The dSPIN chip on a Kard for the Quick240. This uses SPI to communicate with the ST L6472

Kard GPIO Pin to Rail Pin Map

Kard GPIO PinREV-X3Kard 0 PinKard 1 PinKard 2 PinKard 3 PinKard 4 PinKard 5 Pin
gpio 0STEP CLOCK685786222378
gpio 1SPI CS (active low)585664763979
gpio 2RESET (active low)6263 5 9 810
gpio 3BUSY (is the motor moving)555470 22120
gpio 4FLAG828384353433
Rail PinREV X3
CxP0Stepper Phase A+
CxP1Stepper Phase B+
CxP2Stepper Phase B-
CxP3Stepper Phase A-

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