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Drive Kard - FET Driver (N-Channel)

The (sink) Drive Kard has 4 FET drivers to allow control of the four rail pins for the slot into which it is inserted. Each output can safely drive 1A of current (maximum of 6A per RAIL). The Vds max for each pin > 24VDC.


Kard GPIO Pin to Rail Pin Map

Kard GPIO PinRail PinKard 0 PinKard 1 PinKard 2 PinKard 3 PinKard 4 PinKard 5 Pin
gpio 0CxP0685786222378
gpio 1CxP1585664763979
gpio 2CxP26263 5 9 810
gpio 3CxP3555470 22120
gpio 4unmapped828384353433
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