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Bay Area Bridge Kard - Dual H-Bridge Drive Kard

Inspired by the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge in the San Francisco Harbor the Bay Area Bridge Kard maps two independent BD62222HFP-TR H-Bridge circuits on a single Quick Kard. The BD62222HFP-TR are rated for 30V 2.5A. But long term use at this high power could heat things up a bit!!!


Kard GPIO Pin to Rail Pin Map

Kard GPIO PinFunctionKard 0 PinKard 1 PinKard 2 PinKard 3 PinKard 4 PinKard 5 PinRail FunctionRail Pin
gpio 0FIN-GGB685786222378OUT1-GGBCxP0
gpio 1RIN-GGB585664763979OUT2-GGBCxP1
gpio 2FIN-BAY6263 5 9 810OUT1-BAYCxP2
gpio 3RIN-BAY555470 22120OUT2-BAYCxP3
gpio 4unmapped828384353433unmappedunmapped
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