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 |x|[[UpTick240]]|UpTick240 Mother Board with DIN Rail Housing|Open|Closed|Production|$149|Buy| |x|[[UpTick240]]|UpTick240 Mother Board with DIN Rail Housing|Open|Closed|Production|$149|Buy|
 |x|[[UpTick241]]|UpTick241 Mother Board (bare board only)|Open|Closed|Production|$124|Buy| |x|[[UpTick241]]|UpTick241 Mother Board (bare board only)|Open|Closed|Production|$124|Buy|
 +|x|[[UTI-KTA100]]|Kard Ticket Adapter for TicketIO|Closed|Closed|Production|$29|Buy|
 |x|[[UTI-FDP100]]|Drive Ticket (Source / P-Channel) for TicketIO|Closed|Closed|Production|$29|Buy| |x|[[UTI-FDP100]]|Drive Ticket (Source / P-Channel) for TicketIO|Closed|Closed|Production|$29|Buy|
 |x|[[UTI-FDN100]]|Drive Ticket (Sink / N-Channel) for TicketIO|Closed|Closed|Production|$29|Buy| |x|[[UTI-FDN100]]|Drive Ticket (Sink / N-Channel) for TicketIO|Closed|Closed|Production|$29|Buy|
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