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 ====== QKC-SD100: Serial Driver Kard for KardCom Slot ====== ====== QKC-SD100: Serial Driver Kard for KardCom Slot ======
 +REV-E boards in development.
 +==== PLPB-0042-REV-E ====
 +This rev has all the features of rev-d and also has additional resistor pads for termination,​ pull up and pull down of RS-485 drivers. ​ These are all installed by default, to have identical REV-C functionality these parts will need to be removed.
 +=== Port to Rail Pin Map ===
 +^Port^PIC32 Pin^Rail Pin on Quick240 (RAIL C/D)^
 +|Serial0 Tx|U1ATX|Serial 2 Tx Enable|
 +|Serial0 Rx|U1ARX|Unmapped|
 +|Serial1 Tx|U1BTX|RS-232-TX|
 +|Serial1 Rx|U1BRX|RS-232-RX|
 +|Serial2 Tx/​Rx|U3ATX,​U3ARX|RS-422-Rx A+/B-|
 +|Serial3 Tx/​Rx|U3BTX,​U3BRX|RS-422-TX Y+/Z-|
 +|Optionally tied to Serial 2/3||H-BUS (RAIL D)|
 +|CCGPIO||Serial 3 Tx Enable|
 REV-D boards available now. REV-D boards available now.
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