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Ping Pong Lev

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This demonstration results in the levitation of a ping pong ball on a cushion of air. The purpose of the demonstration is to highlight the features of the PONTECH Quick240. Specifically and most excidingly the interface to an android tablet using the Android ADK. All of the source code controlling this application is open source and available for download on GitHub.


  • PONTECH Quick240 chipKIT control board
  • PONTECH QKI-FDN100 (Drive Kard Sink)
  • 2 PONTECH QKI-BO100 (Break Out) one with +5V, GND, and a microcontroller pin. The second with two additional +Vrail to avoid need of terminal blocks
  • 2 Squirrel Cage Fans (surplus) E1331K24B9AZ-00
  • Ultrasonic Sensor PING)))™
  • Small length of DIN rail
  • Empty Corn Dog Box
  • Some wood to mount the Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1“ I.D. PVC pipe 4” long
  • Android Tablet (Zeepad 7“)
  • USB A to Mini B cable
  • Cardboard for tablet holder
  • Fasteners (various)
  • Packing Tape
  • Glue


Stay tuned…

Source Code

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