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PONTECH Properties Viewer


The PONTECH Properties Viewer is an Android application available in the Google Play Store at no cost that turns your Android phone or tablet into a simple user interface for modifying parameters stored in an embedded application running on a PONTECH Quick240 or any chipKIT board capable of supporting the USB Host Mode and the Android ADK. A video demonstration of the application in action can be found on YouTube.


So here's our problem. Since the creation of the PONTECH Quick240 we have been able to finish off several small stand alone projects in record time. Most of the projects once implemented need not further tweaking. Other projects do benefit from the ability modify parameters of operation. Traditionally we might hook up a serial terminal and enter a few esoteric commands to make the changes needed. Though implementing this kind of customization is quick it can be cumbersome to pull out a PC to make a single change. While working on a small applications I thought that it would be great if we had an Android application that could be used to tweak the parameters rather than using a PC. We couldn't fathom building a customer application but did think we could make something a bit more generic just for this type of project. From this the PONTECH Properties Viewer was born.


The way the PONTECH Properties Viewer works is by leveraging the open source properties class created by Brian Dobrovodsky for the PONTECH Quick240. This class was originally created to store properties so they could easily be converted to and from json strings. The json strings would then be sent over Ethernet to a application running on another computer. By slight modifying the properties class a simplified protocol would allow sending one property at a time to or from an Android device using USB and the Android ADK. To utilize the PONTECH Properties viewer clone or fork then clone the Properties Pusher Sketch from github. Retrieve and place the libraries created by [benderamp] attached to this post on the chipKIT form. Next compile with MPIDE and run on a PONTECH Quick240 or chipKIT branded board with equivalent USB Hosting capabilities. The project is most likely to work with a Digilent Max32 with a Digilent Network Shield installed, but it has not been tested. Next install the PONTECH Properties Viewer from the Google Play Store on to an Android device and connect the USB Host port of your chipKIT board to the USB port of your Android device.


Shown below is a PONTECH Quick240 attached to a Android phone displaying two properties created in the sketch.


This application was created to fill a need quickly and is probably buggy. Ultimately we would like be able to transfer the entire properties collection in a single json string.

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