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Inspired by Arduino(tm), chipKIT(tm) technology in an industrial form factor.

Quick Product Overview

Quick™ (Quick Universal Industrial Control Kard) is based on chipKIT(tm) open source platform. The Quick240 is designed for industrial automation systems where traditionally a ladder logic PLC might have been used. Since the Quick240 is an open platform for industrial automation it effectively extends the traditional life of a similarly proprietary. This is achieved in several ways.

  • Easier maintenance after the traditional “end of life” of an equivalent proprietary device since the tools are open.
  • Devices can utilize new technology developed for the open source community that maybe slow or never come to a proprietary tool.

The initial adapters of the Quick240 will be chipKIT(tm) and Arduino(tm) users that need to implement industrial automation solutions. Quick™ allows for a polished package that presents a high end image rather than something that looks like a hobby or prototype. Quick™ is based on open source technologies so tools obsolescent is mitigated and entry cost is lower.

The result is an Open Source PLC based on chipKIT technology.

Under the Hood

The Quick system consists of a motherboard (Quick240) that has a Microchip (PIC32MX795F512L) microcontroller, high voltage (24V In) DC-DC converter that outputs 5V and a 3.3V linear regulator and seven Kard™ slots. All of this is housed in a sleek DIN rail mountable plastic housing.

Kard slots allow insertion of low cost signal conditioning circuits for interfacing the Microchip device to the industrial world. The board Drive Kard shown below will turn a single slot into a drive circuit for four relays or solenoid.

How to buy

Quick240 Videos

Quick240 User Manual


Connections Power Supply, Jumpers and Pinout

Development Tools Setting up MPIDE

Bootloader Upgrading or replacing the bootloader

Schematics and BOM's

Asked Questions and answers

Example Sketches

Quick™ and Quick Kards™ for Com and IO

Quick KardIO Pin Mapping

ImagePart NumberDescriptionSchematicLayoutAvailabilityMSRP USDOrder
Quick240Quick240 Mother Board with DIN Rail HousingOpenClosedProduction$149Buy
Quick242Quick242 Mother Board with DIN Rail Housing (USB Self Powered, external power must be provided)OpenClosedProduction$149Buy
Quick241Quick240 Mother Board (bare board only)OpenClosedProduction$129Buy
QKI-FDP100Drive Kard (Source / P-Channel) for KardIO SlotClosedClosedProduction$29Buy
QKI-FDN100Drive Kard (Sink / N-Channel) for KardIO SlotClosedClosedProduction$29Buy
QKI-ICC100ISO Kard (Common Cathode Isolated Input) for KardIO SlotClosedClosedProduction$29Buy
QKI-ICA100ISO Kard (Common Anode Isolated Input) for KardIO SlotClosedClosedProduction$29Buy
QKI-BO100BO100 Break-Out Kard (User Selectable Passive Matrix Per Pin) for KardIO SlotOpenOpenProduction$3Buy
QKI-BO101BO100 Break-Out Kard (Configured for Optical Sensor Bias PLPA-0132) for KardIO SlotOpenOpenProduction$10Buy
QKI-STP200Big-Easy Kard (One Channel micro-step driver 2A per phase) for KardIO SlotOpenClosedPrototype$39
nonenoneQKI-SPS100SPI Stepper Kard (One Channel micro-step driver 2A per phase) for KardIO SlotOpenClosedProduction$59
xQKI-BAB100Bay Area Bridge Kard, (Dual H-Bridge Driver, 2.5A per H-BridgeClosedClosedDownload$54
QKC-CAN100Can Driver Kard for KardIO Slot 5 onlyOpenClosedPrototype$29
QKC-SD100Serial Driver Kard for KardCom SlotOpenClosedProduction$29Buy
xQKI-TC1004 Input K Type Thermocouple KardClosedClosedPre-Production$99
xQKI-DAC104Four Channel 0-10VDC SPI DAC Kard for KardIO SlotClosedClosedPre-Production$59
xQKI-DAC101One Channel 0-10VDC SPI DAC Kard for KardIO SlotClosedClosedPre-Production$29
xQKI-BODAC100The BODAC Kard - Three Break Out Connections and one 10-bit 0-10VDC SPI DAC, for KardIO Slot Rail0 DAC, Rail1 NC, Rail2 NC, Rail3 NCClosedClosedPre-Production$29
xQKI-BODAC101The BODAC Kard - Three Break Out Connections and one 10-bit 0-10VDC SPI DAC, for KardIO Slot (Rail0 DAC, Rail1 5v in analog, Rail2 10v in analog, Rail3 NC)ClosedClosedPre-Production$39
xQKI-PT100Pass Through Kard for KardIO SlotOpenOpenN/A$3
xQKI-BLANKKard Blanche (Kard Template)OpenOpenDownload$0

Kard ID

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